This website represents the diverse sculptural styles of artist Gerard McCabe. All are in the ‘realist tradition’. Some show exacting detail, as the equestrian portraits clearly demonstrate, while other works are more stylised.

All sculptures are bronze, cast by the ancient lost-wax method (cire-perdu). Precision finishing techniques, and lustrous patination as a final stage, give a wonderful sense of life and movement to the completed work.

Anne Spencer Public Sculpture in Napier

The work was unveiled at a public ceremony on 14 Feb, 2021.

From ‘Hawkes Bay Today’ :

The Napier-born founder of the New Zealand Federation of Women’s Institutes has been remembered as a “remarkable woman” and “forward thinking proto-feminist”.

After being covered by a box for a couple of weeks, a bronze cast statue of Anna Elizabeth Jerome Spencer (known to her friends as Bessie), born in Napier in 1872, has now been unveiled on the corner of Shakespeare Rd and Browning St. View Article